Iqbal Amiri.


Iqbal Amiri was born in Burma. He grew up in East Pakistan, moved to Karachi as a young adult, and eventually found success in Canada. He grew up in a world of war and slaughter, battled PTSD and loneliness in his formative years, experienced love at the dawn of maturity, and suffered racial abuse while attempting to ascend the corporate ladder. Now, he describes his incredible search for a place to call home.

Iqbal Amiri started his career in the financial services sector in 1991 by working for a global insurance company. He subsequently went on to establish his own wealth management business, AMIRI Wealth Management, of which he is the President, since 1999.

Amiri is incredibly passionate about embracing diversity and loves to travel and explore new cultures. He thinks that the finest way to live is to spread goodness as much as one can. He encourages people to take important steps for the benefit of this world so that they might leave it in a better state than they found it.


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Finding Home serves as a tribute to Amiri’s life and the lessons he encountered. Amiri’s story, which spans two continents and several decades, not only illuminates his life experiences but also offers a striking social commentary on modern society, its dubious norms, the people and their prejudices, and life as we know it.

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Iqbal is incredibly passionate about embracing diversity and we are proud to announce that a percentage of income from the book “Finding Home” would be donated to to help spread awareness about mental health. You are a part of a great cause! To know more about Amiri, fill out your information, send us your thoughts, comments, and ideas. Feel free to write down your reviews and get a chance to get featured on the Book Finding Home website.

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